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July 2, 2013

There’s not much to the story about how I got my bag or why I got my bag. At the time I got it 11 years ago, It didn’t look like a nerdy book bag and it didn’t look like too much like a purse, so I figured it would do.

(click on the image to rummage through my bag)

Where my bag shines a little light into my personality might be in the ways I use it. Most of the time it serves as a bin of unfinished projects that I carry around with me. Unopened mail, disks and hard drives with varying projects on them, documents that I need to sign and mail, phone numbers and business cards that are unfilled anywhere else, stray brochures and flyers that are handed to me on the street, note books and unfinished/un-read books.

I guess most of the time it serves as an overflow bin for things I haven’t made time to deal with.

In a sense, most of the time it’s just baggage (in either meaning of the word). I guess the bag gets a little lighter when I’m doing alright managing life and a little heavier on those rougher weeks. It would appear that it serves as a litmus test for how I’m feeling a lot of the time.

So if you ever see me swinging my bag around loosely, you can bet I’m probably not quite as weighed down at the moment and have lots of my special attention to go around : )

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