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August 7, 2013

Well,  it’s safe to say that I am not a purse kinda gal. (Those who know me, please don’t gasp in shock!)

I carry a backpack because it is functional. I believe this multiple compartment beauté was a Target purchase right before a business trip to Toronto in 2010. It was for a Coca-Cola / McDonald’s ideation session. This trip was the beginning of a journey that has led me ultimately to the graduate degree in creativity that I start this June. Hence the book “Out of Our Minds – Learning to be Creative”.

(click on the image to search through my bag)


So what else do the contents of my bag say about me?

My mother gave me the second book because it joins two of my passions – animals and healing. I recently received my Reiki Master certification and have found that it is a great way to treat animals suffering from pain and anxiety. I have not been able to read the whole book though because many of the stories are just too gut wrenching.

Next, you will no doubt notice that technology is my friend and “Hi, my name is Lauren and I am an Apple addict”. iPhone, iPad, laptop–at least one or more are always with me.

For our first wedding anniversary, my wife gave me the St. George cards as my paper gift. Saint George is said to be a dragon slayer from the 17th century. I like the idea that my last name both represents bravery and the Florida island where we fell in love.

Car keys are a pretty standard item in a bag, but I have to admit– I loooove my car and am very lucky (knock on wood) that I haven’t gotten a speeding ticket. My mechanic, with a grin on his face, once told me that she purrs at 122 mph.

Notebooks are a must. It is strange to think that in the not too distant future there will be generations of people who don’t know how to hand write anything. Oh and the sticker on the front is from Awesomeness Fest. You should definitely check out this conference. It is unlike any I’ve been to before.

Nike Fuel Band, fabric grocery bags and a protein bar are all me trying to be a better person :)

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